I’m back!

So it has been a while, but things have been good. There has been a lot of rocky patches, times i have wanted to give up and end it all. And before anyone inputs that’s the selfish way out, i don’t care. I have a family that literally doesn’t care or know how to love […]

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What a week!!!

So I’ve had a few days off from here because my life has gone a little pear shaped, i spent a lovely weekend with my mum. I left my mum late at night, but had to get back to put the kids to bed ready for school, after a very long weekend due to snow […]

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Here again :)

Hi again, i felt so much more relaxed last night after my post. I slept like a dream, it’s been a while. The last blog I gave a low down onย  my life, not exciting stuff really. As life has gone on and with each failed relationship, I feel like I must have been a […]

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The start

So welcome, I’m new to this so please bare with me! This is the life of a depressed single mum, we do exist, and we aren’t bad parents. I’ve always bottled my feelings up when my adorable kids are around, they never see the tears that fall at night, or the sigh of sadness. I […]

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